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Robert W. Burrage, Founder and CEO of RWB Construction Management, Inc. spent his formative years in Massachusetts, Texas and South Florida. Graduation was followed by four rewarding years in the United States Marine Corps. After a tour overseas, Robert headed back to Florida to broaden his interests and continue his education. Studying and working, concurrently, he was gaining invaluable on-the-job experience as he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, graduating with honors. For the next ten years, as Robert continued to excel and hone his leadership skills in the construction industry, he reached the position of VP and Managing Partner. Always looking upward, Robert W. Burrage succumbed to his entrepreneurial tendencies and in 2018 earned his General Contractors License from the State of Florida. He then took the next natural step, founding RWB Construction Management, Inc. After only 1 1/2 years, the company has really found its footing and continues to thrive at the forefront of the Gold Coast’s Concierge Builder Industry.


Professional Experience

Over the past thirteen years, Robert has gained invaluable experience while fine-tuning his managerial and leadership skills. Subsequently, he acquired the 32-year-old company for whom he worked during that time. Today Robert’s direction over RWB Construction Management, as owner, showcases his uniquely knowledgeable, hands-on style, while keeping the company in the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder industry.


Even though the days start before sunrise and last into the early evening, Robert manages to remain a very hands-on CEO and a totally dedicated father. The long hours and hard work are tempered by fun family activities and Robert Burrage’s sense of humor and ability to not take himself too seriously.


Inherent in Robert Burrage’s nature is the awareness of where he came from and how fortunate he has been. This attribute is ever-present in his philanthropic endeavors as numerous foster families have experienced his generosity and concern for others. Inspired by the desire to add more to the lives around him, Robert Burrage continues to evolve the business, always looking to the future and the next exciting projects.

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