About Me

Robert Burrage, Owner, and CEO of RWB Construction Management Inc., is an innovative leader in the luxury construction business. Robert funded his college studies by joining the Marine Corps and gained Veteran status with a deployment to the Persian Gulf. After obtaining a degree in Construction Management, Robert quickly worked his way up the construction business ladder and began his own management firm. Robert Burrage, Owner and CEO of RWB Construction Management Inc., is available to his customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through his high-end residential construction company. Regardless, he still finds time for his family and his local community. Though he regularly works upwards of two full-time shifts a week to grow his company, Robert is best known for his efforts towards helping local foster families and adopted children.

RWB Construction Management builds and oversees over 100,000 square feet of luxury high-end residential estates yearly. Increasing the scope of his luxury construction business and building opportunities for his employees and their families are only a few of Robert Burrage's priorities. While Robert regularly works 80-hour weeks, he still finds time for his family. At home, Robert Burrage is a devoted father to his four children. Robert and his fiancé Katie are dedicated to their children's hobbies, including taking care of horses, skateboarding, and riding four-wheelers.

RWB Construction Management is recognized for its ability to oversee projects from conception to completion globally, removing waste from the process while maintaining the speed, accuracy, and quality clients expect and deserve. RWB Construction also has a good pulse of the current market and will always strive to meet their client's design intent and desired style while offering coaching towards decisions that bring value to their estate investment.

Robert Burrage works hard to make certain his team stands out. Robert is personally involved in every project he takes on as the Founder and CEO. The RWB team has an ambitious lineup of workers and seeks to hire the best talent in their field. RWB Construction Management prides itself on being one of the few general contractors at the high-end construction level that remain nurturing their client relationships long after projects are complete. Their team loves what they do and are passionate about the product they turn over to their clients.


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