Robert W. Burrage and RWB Construction Celebrate One Year Anniversary

3492 Tropical LuxuryRWB Construction in West Palm Beach, Florida, celebrated its one-year anniversary in June 2019. Through hard work, talent and dedication, RWB takes their clients from the initial vision to the grand reveal within a very impressive time frame. With two more $40 million plus oceanfront properties in the early stages of construction, the company continues to provide unsurpassed concierge construction on South Florida’s affluent coastline.

Currently, RWB manages over 250,000 square feet of property in the Palm Beaches. Assisted by their experienced team of licensed subcontractors, the team provides exceptional year-round, 24/7, customized maintenance service for these opulent residences.

Robert W. Burrage, owner of RWB Construction Management, has orchestrated the completion of some extraordinary projects, including Frank McKinney’s final real estate masterpiece. These custom-built homes are the epitome of luxurious living. Robert W. Burrage and his RWB team thrive on the challenges of incorporating new and unique features into these projects, culminating in head-turning results.

Despite the success and accompanying workload Robert W. Burrage has seen in the first year at RWB, he has not overlooked the importance of giving back to the community. Philanthropy remains at the heart of this organization, which truly sets it apart from others in the industry. Remembering where they’ve come from and how they can make a difference is their primary source of inspiration.

The core of RWB’s philanthropic work focuses on positively impacting the lives of local foster care families. Sometimes clothing for a new baby or a larger kitchen table makes all the difference, while other times, more is required. Even in those circumstances, such as the recent project on Place of Hope’s Honda Classic Remodeling, Robert W. Burrage and his team at RWB Construction provided the manpower and supplies to make major structural changes, allowing more comfortable accommodations for the young women who would soon take up residence. Upon conclusion, the appreciation felt by these individuals is the real gift.

All told, during the first year, the most notable accomplishment was the building of the school in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Their only school had been demolished during Hurricane Irma in 2017. The project was started and soon abandoned by another contractor. The logistics of the project were seemingly insurmountable, given the location and time constraints involved. This is when Robert W. Burrage and his team stepped in and built two 5000 square foot, oceanfront school buildings in four whirlwind months. The private, sole financial backer for this project (a long-standing Palm Beach client) praised Robert and his RWB team with accomplishing this “Herculean task that few sane men would take on.” The BVI project was a huge success and the perfect launch point for this ever-evolving, talented , company.

Robert W. Burrage and his RWB Construction team look forward to completing the current projects and all that the future will bring.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating with honors and a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry, developing his managerial leadership skills, and then founded RWB Construction Management in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to keep the Company at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry. To see their portfolio of luxury estates, visit

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