Robert W. Burrage Balances Luxury Estate Home Concierge Builder Business with Busy Family Life

Robert Burrage of West Palm Beach is very aware of how launching a company can be as exhausting as it is exciting. He’s currently overseeing two $40 million-plus oceanfront properties in the early stages of construction, with additional projects in Jupiter, Boca Raton, downtown West Palm Beach and estate maintenance projects of over 250,000 square feet of property throughout the Palm Beaches.

The dedication and stamina required to be a successful entrepreneur is extraordinary. So…what happens if you’re in these initial phases of your business at the same time as raising a young family?

Since the Summer of 2018, Robert W. Burrage has been in this perpetual balancing routine. One of RWB Construction’s first projects was the total renovation of the Burrage residence. It was a remarkable transformation that blends high-tech and innovative construction techniques with contemporary clean lines in whites, light grays and occasional bright splashes of color, courtesy of Robert Burrage’s growing art collection. This provides a beautiful backdrop for an active young family, with four children ranging from seven to twelve.

Even though the days start before sunrise and last into the early evening, Robert manages to remain a very hands-on CEO and a totally dedicated father. The long hours and hard work are tempered by fun family activities and Robert Burrage’s sense of humor and ability to not take himself too seriously.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating with honors and a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry, developing his managerial leadership skills, and then founded RWB Construction Management in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to keep the Company at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry. To see their portfolio of luxury estates, visit

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