Robert William Burrage – Owner and CEO – RWB Construction Management

Robert Burrage

April 27, 2021

Robert William Burrage - Owner and CEO - RWB Construction Management

RWB Construction Management builds and oversees over 100,000 square feet of luxury high-end residential estates in South Florida yearly. They are recognized for their ability to oversee enormous residential projects, from conception to completion. The RWB team works hard to maintain the speed, accuracy, and quality their clients expect and deserve.

Robert William Burrage, Owner and CEO of RWB Construction Management Inc. is an innovative leader in the luxury construction business. He is available to his customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Robert Burrage works with superior subcontractors and designers to develop means and methods for overcoming project schedules with unprecedented results. Having worked in this field for decades, Robert has an excellent pulse of the current market. RWB Construction Management excels at striving to meet their client’s design intent and desired style, while offering coaching towards decisions that bring value to their estate investment. Robert’s team works with a select group of clients that are looking to appreciate the process of creating breathtaking estates. Their goal is to make clients’ estate dreams come true.


Robert Burrage works continuously to make certain his team stands out in their field. He is personally involved in every project he takes on as Founder and CEO. The RWB team has an ambitious lineup of workers and seeks to hire the best talent in the construction field. RWB Construction Management prides itself on being one of the few general contractors at the high-end construction level that remain nurturing their client relationships long after projects are complete. Their team loves what they do and are passionate about the product they turn over to their clients.

Though Robert Burrage strives daily to meet clients’ needs, he still finds time for his family. At home, Robert Burrage is a loving and devoted father to his four children. Robert and his fiancé Katie are dedicated to their children’s hobbies including taking care of horses, skateboarding, and riding four-wheelers. Robert also finds time for his local community. Though he regularly works upwards of two full-time shifts a week to run RWB Construction Management, Robert is best known for his efforts with helping South Florida foster families and adopted children.


When asked about his success recently, Robert Burrage stated, “It’s all come at a price, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, and some days it still does. It’s a choice. I chose to do more, be more, and accomplish more. It’s allowed our business to change lives within our own team, to make a difference in the community, and to, very publicly, show others what small businesses can do for those in need.”